Alabama Boy, 4, Mauled to Death by Neighbor's Bulldog

Beau Clark
Beau Clark and an Old English Bulldog (For representational purposes only). Facebook

An Alabama boy was mauled to death by a dog owned by family friends who live next door to the child's family, according to reports.

Beau Clark, 4, was riding his bike and ended up in the neighbor's yard when he was attacked by their dog on Monday, the Morgan County Sheriff Office said in a statement.

Dog Euthanized Following Attack

Police responded to initial reports that a child had been hit by a car in the home just outside the Alabama city of Hartselle, police said in the statement.

While on their way, deputies learned that the child had been attacked by a dog. Once at the scene, emergency responders tried to treat Beau and his father, who had also been bitten, according to the statement.

Beau died after he was taken to a local hospital; his father was treated and eventually released, police said. The attacking dog was an Old English bulldog, WBMA reported; it was promptly euthanized, police said.

Dog Had No History of Aggressive Behavior, Clark was Familiar with the Animal

Beau Clark
Beau Clark with his parents and siblings. GoFundMe

Beau had several prior interactions with the dog, the police statement said. Investigators determined that the dog was securely maintained on its own property and had no history of violent or aggressive behavior.

The child was out riding his bike, but for unknown reasons, entered the yard where he had been in numerous times. Clark was familiar with the animal, and had been around it "numerous times" in the past. The families are friends and have routinely shared many events together, Morgan County Sheriff Ron Puckett said.

Investigators announced on Thursday no charges will be filed. A GoFundMe created to pay for expenses for the family had a $15,000 goal. As of Thursday night, it has raised more than $91,000 in donations.