Aircraft Breach in Airspace Near Biden's Home, Fighter Jets Scrambled First

Incident does not affect the US President's Movement

At approximately 2 pm local time on Saturday, a civilian aircraft trespassed into restricted airspace in northern Wilmington, an incident that led to the immediate scrambling of US fighter jets.

The breach occurred while US President Joe Biden was at his home in Wilmington, according to a report by Fox News, citing Anthony Guglielmi, the chief of communications for the United States Secret Service.

Joe Biden

Guglielmi confirmed the violation of restricted airspace, specifying that the unauthorized aircraft's entry prompted the precautionary dispatch of fighter jets. However, he assured the public that the situation was swiftly contained, and the civilian plane successfully landed at a nearby airport without complications.

"Assets were scrambled to intercept the civilian aircraft as a precautionary measure," stated Guglielmi, as reported by Fox News. "The incident did not disrupt or impact the movement of the protectee," he added, affirming that the President's activities remained unaffected.

Fighter Jets

Authorities from the Federal Aviation Administration and the Secret Service have initiated an investigation into the breach and efforts are underway to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident and ensure the security protocols are reinforced.

The safety and security of the airspace surrounding high-security areas remain a top priority for agencies involved, emphasizing their commitment to maintaining a robust protective environment for government officials and key individuals.