'AI' will help humans evolve as superhuman workers, says founder of secret Google X lab

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Sebastian Thrun, a co-founder of Google's secret Google X laboratory said that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will help humans evolve as superhuman workers in the coming years. According to Thrun, humans will be able to accomplish more as we start working with advanced technology like AI than without it, CNBC reports.

Sebastian Thrun made these remarks during a talk at the World Government Summitt which is now going on in Dubai. During the talk, Thrun mainly emphasized on the capability of Artificial Intelligence to help people do more creative jobs in the most effective manner.

"AI is a tool and what AI can do really, really well is getting rid of repetitive work. So, if you are a worker, say a medical doctor or a lawyer who spends a day in and day out doing the same thing, then having AI look over your shoulder and learn those skills from you will make you a superhuman, a more powerful person," said Thrun.

During the talk, Thrun said that the impact of Artificial Intelligence will wipe off certain repetitive jobs from the planet. Thrun also talked about the influence AI is going to create in the medical sector.

"Now, that means that some jobs will go away, very repetitive work, of course. But it will be replaced by created work, so we have to move from a repetitive working society into a creative society where we invent new things," continued Thrun.

Even though Thrun has assured the creation of new jobs when repetitive works fade away, other commentators including SpaceX founder Elon Musk is not so optimistic about this prediction. Musk has several times said that the impact of Artificial Intelligence will create a new work culture, as robots will be capable of doing works much better than humans. In 2016, Musk said that governments will be compelled to pay a universal wage to all citizens, as robots will take up all the jobs in the future.

"There is a pretty good chance we end up with a universal basic income, or something like that, due to automation," Musk told to CNBC.

After leaving Google in 2014, Sebastian Thron now works as the chairman of Udacity, an online education firm. He is also the Chief Executive of flying car company 'Kitty Hawk'.

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