The AI Edge in Sales: How This New Sales Enablement Software Startup is Changing the Game

AI Edge

Traditionally, companies relied heavily on dialogues with salespeople when considering purchases. However, with the rise of internet platforms and online resources, buyers prefer to research and learn about the product and solution offerings before talking to vendors. This is especially the case for the software buying journey. As such, it has become increasingly important to deliver the correct information and content to software buyers so they can make educated decisions.

In light of this, how can sales teams stand out in this increasingly competitive environment? This is where a modern sales content platform, Ratio, comes into play. Built by two New York University's Leonard N. Stern School of Business alumni, Finance and Computing & Data Science graduate Joanne Wang and Computer Science graduate Thomas Guo, Ratio is a modern sales content platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to create and personalize sales collateral.

The platform includes various features that enable sales teams to tailor materials based on individual prospects, make targeted sales strategies, store and navigate presentations seamlessly, and access buyer engagement analytics. Its goal is to present buyers with compelling content that speaks to their needs and aspirations, leading to increased sales closing rates and higher success.

Sales Content Creation Reimagined

Ratio enables sales teams to have greater control over their sales pitches, from preparation to presentation. At the heart of this empowerment is the capability to craft impactful sales collateral customized to each customer's unique business context and needs. Whether assembling a new presentation from scratch or developing a custom brochure, Ratio facilitates the creation process, ensuring all new materials align with the company's branding and messaging standards.

Assuming the sellers prefer to use previous sales materials but must enhance the content to make it more bespoke, Ratio offers the flexibility to repurpose and adapt these materials for new client engagements. This may involve refining a presentation for a different sector or updating a case study to resonate more with a new audience.

As the founder of Ratio, Wang envisions the company going beyond a surface-level content generation platform. Harnessing the sophistication of AI, the platform meticulously tailors sales materials to align with the distinct characteristics of each customer. This includes considerations like the client's industry sector, organizational size, specific requirements, or previous interactions with the company. Ratio acts as an intelligent editor, adeptly modifying sales documents to underscore the most pertinent products, features, and advantages, thereby striking an impact on each client.

For entrepreneurs Wang and Guo, this level of customization moves from generalized sales pitches to targeted client-centric presentations, significantly enhancing buyer engagement and satisfaction and increasing deal win rates for sales teams.

Maintaining Consistency in the Process

Ratio's features extend the capabilities of sales teams far beyond a one-time sales pitch with its seamless sales content storage, organization, and management system. As Wang explains, Ratio ensures that sales materials are always available and consistency in messaging and branding is maintained across all materials the sales team uses by providing a centralized digital warehouse for all sales-related content — from presentations and PDFs to videos and case studies. At the same time, with its granular search indexing, the sales team can quickly filter content by file type, whether PDFs, Word documents, videos, etc., and how and when they are used.

Wang understands that with various sales content created throughout pitching and follow-ups, the sales team should also be able to organize them in a structured and intuitive manner, categorizing materials by product lines, industries, client types, or any other relevant criteria. This led her and Guo to design and build Ratio as a structured 'library' where sales can quickly navigate and find exactly what they need for each unique sales scenario, whether for a first-time pitch, a follow-up meeting, or a specific product demonstration.

This efficiency is crucial in maintaining momentum in ongoing sales conversations, nurturing long-term client relationships, and saving time. It allows the sales team to focus on their core tasks without being hindered by the menial tasks of searching for the correct information.

Delivering Personalized Sales Content to Every Buyer

Previously, in her role as a tech startup investor, Wang has developed extensive experience in analyzing, investing in, and supporting tech businesses. Among her achievements are her experience working on a $100M growth equity funding round for a tech startup and her role in conducting due diligence on multiple sectors within the AI and software space. Through this, she has developed a deep appreciation for tech platforms leveraging AI to unlock more significant customer potential.

As the co-founder and CEO of Ratio, Wang plays a pivotal role in the business. This includes leading go-to-market strategies for the company, establishing various distribution channels, and building partnership programs that help accelerate market penetration of the platform. Together with her co-founder, Guo, she defines the company's strategic direction and product roadmap. Throughout the process of building Ratio, Wang and Guo continuously innovated the company's product offerings, designed the most customer-centric features, and aligned the platform with the strategic goal of delivering both high-quality content and superior efficiency.

With Ratio, the two co-founders aim to enrich and accelerate the software sales process so buyers and vendors can benefit from improved information and increased efficiency. They were selected for the renowned Y Combinator Startup Accelerator Program, are participating in the Winter 2024 batch, and continue to make strides in the sales enablement software landscape. Ultimately, the co-founders believe that Ratio will empower sales teams by allowing them to deliver the right content to the right person at the right time, all within a few clicks.

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