Ahn Bo Hyun-Jisoo Relationship: K-netizens Pour in Support for See You in My 19th Life Actor

Ahn Bo Hyun and Jisoo surprised K-drama lovers and K-pop fans by confirming their relationship earlier this month. Immediately after they announced their dating news, the entertainment industry and their fans congratulated the celebrity couple. Social media platforms and online communities got flooded with messages.

However, some netizens and followers of BLACKPINK were not happy to hear the dating news. They criticized the See You in My 19th Life actor after he confirmed his relationship with the girl group member. These netizens shared malicious comments about Yumi's Cells star on various online communities. The messages ranged from "I'm disappointed that she is dating Ahn Bo Hyun", and "Jisoo's standard for men is so low" to "Jisoo, you could do much better".

"Ahn Bo Hyun's image itself is a bit ambiguous. If you were famous for being a handsome actor like Song Kang, Cha Eun-woo, Park Bo-gum, Ahn Hyo Seop, or an actor famous for acting like Choi Woo Shik, Kang Ha Neul, and Si Wan, you honestly wouldn't have been criticized like this. I don't know if he became famous while listening to the sound, but now the position is ambiguous. But Black Pink has established itself as a female idol in the 1st tier, and when it comes to Jisoo, no one in Korea doesn't know about it. It's natural to do it, and besides, there was a bottle," a netizen wrote.

Ahn Bo Hyun
Actor Ahn Bo Hyun Instagram/Ahn Bo Hyun

When the backlash against the actor started overflowing, K-netizens suported the actor. They poured in empathy towards him. Here are a few of them:

Fans' Reactions

I thought Ahn Bo Hyun was good. He's good at acting, and his personality seems to be kind. I don't think he needs to use her for popularity because their field of activity is different.

Guess they are measuring them by celebrity status. But, though, fame doesn't last forever. At the end of the road, they're just people. And if he's a good person, in the end, that should be enough.

On the surface, they seem pretty well-matched to me. She's beautiful and he's handsome. She seems nice, he seems nice. They clearly like each other, so what's the problem?

Their jealousy is showing. Jisoo and Bo Hyun make a very attractive couple. All that should matter is that they're happy

Bro Idk much about Jisoo but I know for a fact that Ahn Bo Hyun is a good and well-mannered guy. Everyone who saw him in Shows Like Retreat or Bts should know.

who cares what netizens think? The only opinions that matter are the two that are dating and as long as they are happy together it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

Even celebrities say Ahn Bo Hyun is good-looking, why are netizens making a fuss?

I thought he gained 2 million followers after the dating news with Jisoo.

Ahn Bo Hyun and Jisoo announced their relationship through official statements from their agencies on Thursday (August 3). According to the agencies, the BLACKPINK member and the See You in My 19th Life actor are getting to know each other with good feelings.