Ji Chang Wook, Yoona
Actor Ji Chang Wook and Girl's Generation Im Yoona are the leads of tvN's mystery thriller drama, The K2 Facebook

Actor Ji Chang Wook is looking for a new role to jump in already. As soon as The K2 wrapped up, he started reviewing the offers he got.

According to allkpop report, "The production company, Imagine Asia, announced that Ji Chang Wook is currently reviewing the male lead offer for scriptwriter Choi Ho Chul's new drama 'The Happiest Time In My Life'. The drama will be completed in pre-filming, and it'll officially start production in March of 2017. As of now, Ji Chang Wook is the only actor who's revealed to be in talks to join the cast."

The website further added that the 'The Happiest Time In My Life' will be Choi Ho Chul's first drama in two years and allegedly it will be the last drama of Ji Chang Wook's before military enlistment, if he accepts the offer.

Reportedly, production company Imagine Asia stated: "Ji Chang Wook will play the leading man in screenwriter Choi Ho Cheol's next project, 'The Happiest Time of My Life.' We plan to start filming in March with Will Entertainment, and the drama will be 100 percent pre-produced. Only the filming schedule and leading male role have been set. The broadcasting schedule and other details are still being negotiated."

Not much is known about the storyline of the drama, 'The Happiest Time In My Life', fans will just have to wait. Though, there are chances that it will be a melodrama, as Choi Ho-chul is the writer. Choi is well-known for making addictive shows like Mask and Secret Love and fans would surely wait for the new drama eagerly.

As we know, Choi's dramas are engaging, dramatic and full of plot twists. And undoubtedly, there are exciting melos which the viewers love. Well, we cannot really be sure of that as there is no official confirmation on that yet.

Currently, Choi is working mainly on the scripts, and possibly will begin production in March, 2017.