Girls' Generation's YoonA grew closer to Ji Chang Wook following kiss scenes

The duo appeared together in the South Korean television series, The K2.

Ji Chang Wook, Yoona
Actor Ji Chang Wook and Girl's Generation Im Yoona played the leads in tvN's mystery thriller drama, The K2 Facebook

Girls' Generation's YoonA has opened up about her kiss scene with South Korean actor Ji Chang Wook. The duo appeared together in the South Korean television series, The K2.

The 26-year-old girl group member revealed the intimate scenes brought them together. She said: "Ji Chang Wook is someone who is good at leading others...When we first met in Spain, we struggled in getting to know each other."

"Our director said, 'Hurry and become friends since you guys have to shoot a kiss scene soon.' So we talked and got to know each other. Because we had the same goal in mind, after the scene, we became much closer," she added.

YoonA revealed Chang Wook is one of the best co-star she had. She said: "He helped me a lot to create 'Anna' (YoonA's character in drama). Whatever acting I did, he would say, 'Do as you like.' He helped with the detailed acting."

Previously, the 29-year-old actor Empress Ki star detailed how the two prepared for the kiss scenes for the series. Chang Wook said: "We shared a lot of stories. To be honest, the final kiss scene shown in the drama was actually the first thing we filmed when we were filming overseas. We were notified about the kiss scene after we arrived at the Barcelona airport. A clear script hadn't been released, and the writer only gave us the situation. I was so taken aback that I said 'Let's become close as soon as possible.' We had to become close as soon as possible because of the kiss scene. We talked a lot about the drama as well as our own stories, values, hobbies, and even our philosophies on life. Because of that, we quickly became close."