After Having Sex With Two Men On Same Day; Woman Gives Birth To Twins, DNA Test Shows Both Men As Father

A woman has given birth to twins after having sex with two men on the same day. Doctors were shocked when a DNA test showed both men as the father of the twins.

The Portuguese woman who doesn't want to be identified is the 19-year-old mother from the small town of Mineiros in the state of Goias.

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She Believed One Man Could Be Father Of Her Kids

When she gave birth to babies, she believed one man, whom she slept with, could be the father of her babies. Therefore, the man took the DNA test but the result was shocking as he was only the father of one of the twins.

She Also Had Sex With Another Man

Later the woman realized that she also had sex with another man on the same day. "I remembered that I had had sex with another man and called him to take the test, which was positive," she said.

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Both Men Are Father Of Kids

She was surprised by the results as the babies looked completely similar. "I was surprised by the results. I didn't know this could happen and the babies are very similar," said the woman.

Unusual Case of Pregnancy

Dr Tulio Jorge Franco has been studying the manner of the unusual pregnancy, which is understood to be only the 20th known case of heteroparental superfecundation to use its scientific term, according to Daily Star.

Two Eggs From Same Mother Fertilized By Different Men

Such unusual pregnancy happens when "two eggs from the same mother are fertilized by different men. The babies share the mother's genetic material, but they grow in different placentas," according to Franco, who spoke to Portuguese news outlet G1.

Pregnancy Was Smooth

The women's pregnancy has been smooth no complications were reported and also her newborns are also healthy and do not have any complications.

Despite being both men the father of the children, on the birth certificate, only one of them is registered as the father of both children. The woman has confirmed that the children's father takes care of both and helps her a lot to give her all support she needs.

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