Baskin-Robbins to Take Legal Action Against Kpop Band BTS Over Leaked Video?

A video of BTS members enjoying the Baskin-Robbins ice cream is doing rounds on social media. Here is why it is a problem.

Baskin Robbins BTS
BTS has been chosen as the spokesmodel for Baskin-Robbins in Korea. Twitter

Major international ice cream brand Baskin-Robbins has warned South Korean Kpop group BTS against legal action over an unreleased commercial. The Korean unit of Baskin Robins released a statement in this regard on July 17.

Ice cream brand Basking Robbins reacted to the news of its unreleased commercial with BTS being leaked online. The company clarified that the video of Baskin-Robbins involving BTS, which is doing rounds on social media, has not been edited.

It clearly stated that the company will take stern action against the person who has spread the video. The company also asked people to refrain from spreading it.

Baskin-Robbins Statement Makes ARMY Angry

"We are making an announcement to the many people who are looking forward to seeing Baskin-Robbins and BTS come together. The commercial video that is currently being spread on social media is not the final cut, and it is an unfinished video," the Baskin-Robbins statement read.

"The individual spreading [the video] may be held legally responsible, and we hope that you will refrain from spreading or sharing it until the official video is released," it said in a warning to people trying to post and share the video online.

The statement did not go well with the ARMY (BTS fans) who said that it looked like the company was targeting either BTS or the BTS fans. After the ARMY started lashing out at the company, Baskin-Robbins deleted its earlier tweet. The ARMY asked for evidence from Baskin-Robbins for indirectly blaming them.

Leaked Video a Marketing Strategy?

BTS was chosen as the brand promoters for Baskin-Robbins and was supposed to promote the new flavor of ice cream that is set to be unveiled next month. Various photoshoots and videos of the BTS have been recorded in this regard.

"BTS will be promoting our new ice cream that will be released next month through videos and photo shoots. We will be unveiling the commercials next month through TV and social media," Baskin-Robbins had made an official announcement at the beginning of July.

However, BTS fans have started trolling Baskin-Robbins and are asking if there is any Baskin Robbins store in South Korea. But at the same time, the leaked video has also increased the curiosity of fans wanting to know which flavor did the BTS members like the most. There are many enquiries about the Baskin-Robbins stall in South Korea and some fans have expressed their desire to not only relish the ice cream but also plan an event to propose to their loved ones in the Basking Robbins outlet.

Some netizens are also of the opinion that the leaked video might be a part of marketing strategy of the company to increase curiosity among people about the brand's new flavor being enjoyed by the Kpop band BTS.

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