After 3 Years, Red Velvet's Joy aka Park Soo-young Back with Just One Person; Fans Welcome News with Twitter Trend

It is now official. Red Velvet's Joy aka Park Soo-young, who has been in talks for a forthcoming JTBC's Just One Person, has given her consent to act in the new drama. The singer-actress will be starring alongside Ahn Eun Jin and Park Sung Hoon.

Red Velvet's Joy aka Park Soo-young
Red Velvet's Joy aka Park Soo-young Instagram

The Characters and Plot
The drama is all about a terminally ill woman who wants to murder one evil person before her death, but fate gives her an opportunity to meet a person who turns out to be an important part of her life.

Reportedly, Joy will be seen in the role of a terminally ill woman named Sung Mi Do. Park Sung Hoon enacts the character of investigating officer Jo Si Young and Ahn Eun Jin plays the character of an insensitive person.

This marks the comeback of Joy to acting after three years. She was last seen in MBC's 'Tempted'. So, the fans of the Red Velvet member are excited to see her donning the greasepaint and welcomed the news by trending the topic on Twitter.

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The drama series is penned by Moon Jung Min of Matrimonial Chaos fame and directed by Oh Hyun Jong, who had earlier made shows like 'Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo', 'Two Cops', and 'Find Me in Your Memory.'

The shooting of the 16-episode drama will begin in July and will be aired in December.