Afreeca TV BJ Gam Dong Ran Targeted With Lewd Comments About Her Underwear, Breast on Live Video

Afreeca TV broadcasting jockey Gam Dong Ran got the shock of her life after realizing that someone had passed vulgar comments about her body on her live-stream eating show. The restaurant employees, who apparently were clueless that the show was being recorded and streamed live, passed lewd comments on her body and her choice of underwear when she had gone to the restroom.

Afreeca TV broadcasting jockey Gam Dong Ran
Afreeca TV broadcasting jockey Gam Dong Ran. Instagram

What Happened Exactly?

In the video, BJ Gam Dong Ran, during her latest Mukbang (a live streaming show where a host consumes large quantities of food while interacting with her followers) takes a break to go to the restroom. When she was away, the restaurant workers make harsh comments about her body, a report on Koreaboo website claims.

The Nasty Conversation

The young girl herself has shared the video footage in which a worker asks his subordinate whether she was wearing a thong for which the other guy responds, "Oh my goodness what a crazy bi***." The first guy then remarks, "Her b**bs were manmade too."

The conversation does not end here as the comments on her body. They also wonder whether she was wearing underwear even as the fans, who were watching the show, were shocked at what was being discussed on the live-streaming video about Gam Dong Ran.

As she came back from the restroom, her followers informed the below-the-belt remarks passed about her. She then rewinds the video to hear their conversation and to her shock what the fans informed were true.

Gam Dong Ran Confronts Workers

BJ Gam Dong Ran then confronted those workers and asked the reason why they made such comments as she had visited the restaurant to just have food. "I ordered over $100 worth of food and I was just trying to eat. I have come here often even when I wasn't dressed like this to eat your food. It's because of Corona that I haven't come in a while but why is it that I have to hear you call me a crazy b**ch and if I'm wearing a thong or not?" the website quotes her as asking those workers for making such rude comments against her.

Although the owner of the restaurant apologized to her over the incident, she was not in the mood to eat the food and stormed out of the place.