Park Si Yeon's driving license might be revoked on charges of drunk driving after involving in accident

Park Si Yeon has broken her silence over the allegations of driving under the influence (DUI) and involving in a minor accident. She has lent an apology over her action after her agency had initially denied the allegations mounted on her.

Park Si Yeon
Park Si Yeon. Park Si Yeon Instagram

"Regardless of any reasons or excuses, I should not have done what I did. I am regretting my carelessness and deeply reflecting on my actions. I also apologize to all those who have cheered me on and cherished me. Once again, I apologize and promise to reflect on my mistakes," Allkpop quotes her as saying in her social media post.

On 19 January, a report on SBS claimed that Park Si Yeon was booked under DUI charges after the car she was travelling hit another car, which was waiting to take a left turn in a three-way intersection, from behind around 11.30 am KST.

Reports had claimed that the alcohol concentration level in her blood was 0.097% which could qualify for the revoking of her driving license. Fortunately, none involved in the accident was injured.

She was reportedly booked for Driving Under the Influence under the Road Traffic Act after she admitted to having driven after drinking at the Seoul Songpa Police Station."Park Si Yeon drank alcohol with an acquaintance at home on the evening of January 16. On the next day, January 17, she judged that she was no longer drunk and she went out using her own car. While driving, there was a minor collision, and she agreed to the nearby police's request for a blood alcohol content level check. It came out that the level met that of a driver's license revocation.

Regardless of the reason, our agency feels deeply responsible that such an incident occurred with our artist. Park Si Yeon is also deeply sorry and reflecting. We once again sincerely apologize for evoking criticism," the clarification from her agency read.