In this selfi-era Adobe has come up with an idea of making the self-portraits better and perfect. The company is presently using Adobe Sensei, the artificial intelligence of Adobe and machine learning to create the ultimate portrait.

The app, that Adobe is developing, combines perspective effect editing, automatic software-only photo masking and photo style transfer technology, reported Daily Mail. This app has the ability to turn a bad image into a good one in minutes by altering the perspective of the person's face, adding depth of field and replicating styles of other photos online. The app performs all these tasks using the 3D facial mapping included in the system.

The 3D-facial mapping enables the technology to identify facial features and make small adjustments in both the person's pose and appearance.

The technology also lets users minimize or accentuate their facial features. One can make their chin go down or head tilt after taking the picture while editing them in this app. The automatic portrait masking gives the image a pleasuring depth of field instantly and the user can use any style from online to their own selfie.

For now, Adobe is only teasing the tech — it's unclear how close the program is to reality. Adobe, however, did confirm that the app in the video isn't a computer-generated image. But, it does take the biggest advancements in using AI to edit images from academic research and puts them all into one consumer-oriented app, reported Digital Trends.