Aderrien Murry: Bodycam Footage Released of Mississippi Cop Shooting Unarmed 11-Year-Old Boy Who Called 911

Aderrien Murry
Aderrien Murry (left) and a still from the bodycam footage. Twitter

Bodycam footage released by Mississippi officials reveals the moment an unarmed 11-year-old boy who was shot by a police officer.

In May, Nakala Murry handed her phone to her son, Aderrien Murry, to call police after an "irate" former partner showed up to her Indianola, Mississippi property.

Murry was Shot in the Chest Despite Having His Hands in the Air

Police arrived two hours later after Ms Murry's former partner had left. They instructed everyone in the home to come out with their hands up. Aderrien, who was only 4ft 10in, complied but Sergeant Greg Capers still shot him in the chest.

A Mississippi grand jury in December found that the officer did not engage in criminal activity and no charges were brought against him. Aderrien was hospitalised for five days and treated for a collapsed lung, lacerated liver and fractured ribs from the shot he took in the chest.

Newly released footage shows the officer arriving at a door of the house and with his gun already drawn he bangs on the door and orders everyone to come outside.

Police Entered the Property with Guns Drawn Despite Being Told the Suspect Had Left

Ms Murry was the first person to come out of the door with her hands raised. The officer then asked where the ex-boyfriend was. She says that she said that he was gone and that there were three children inside the property, although her response is not captured on the video.

The officers seemingly believed that the man was still inside the property and said "Come out sir, don't make us come in."

Aderrien then emerged from a hallway in the house with his hands in the air and was shot by the officer. Officer Capers can be heard shouting "Oh my God" and calling for medical help while telling the youngster to stop moving after he got up and moved past him.

The boy's lawyer, Carlos Moore, has welcomed the release of the footage. "The City of Indianola fought hard to prevent the release of the body camera footage of Officer Greg Capers shooting my unarmed client," he said.

"I guess they forgot that the MBI investigation was over and that the media outlets could get it."

In May, the family filed a civil lawsuit against the officer, the city and the police chief seeking $5m in damages.