Adele shares some details about her life amidst her 100 pound weight loss

Adele shared some secrets to a fellow restaurant goer while down in the Caribbean

Singing superstar Adele has wowed fans and the public alike with her incredible weight loss. Though some fans feared that the drastic body change was a result of stress or heartbreak following her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki, they have little to fear. The "Rolling in the Deep" crooner revealed to a fellow beachgoer in the Caribbean that she is doing better than ever.

"She said she lost something like 100 pounds, and that it's such a crazy positive experience. She seemed so happy, and she looked amazing. She seemed really confident," explained Lexi Larson, who was also at Blanchards Restaurant and Beach Shack last week (via The Daily Mail).

Larson also added that in addition to her incredibly new figure, Adele still maintained her sweet and bubbling personality. "Adele came over and sat down next to me and my friend and was like, 'So what can I do for you girls?'" she said.

Larson added that Adele was happy to take pictures with the crew, though emphasized that none could be taken with her seven-year-old son, Angelo.

"We were so excited. We were talking to her for a little while, and then she got Harry Styles to come over and sit with us also ... we talked to them for 15 minutes probably," she continued. Larson concluded by praising the fact that Adele and Harry were down to earth and "were more asking us questions," as they discussed "life and college and what [she] and [her] friend wanted to do."

Fans had previously been worried about the singer

Adele weight loss Christmas picture on Instagram
Instagram Adele

As previously reported by The International Business Times, not all reaction was positive when Adele first showed off her slender new figure. Many thought that the "Hello" singer had lost too much too quickly, while others expressed their concerns that she looked gaunt in some photos.

However, the news that Adele is "happy" and looks "amazing" will no doubt help assuage any fears.

Health experts also claim that the weight loss has been due to a focus on wellness

Adele's weight loss journey is epic
Adele's weight loss journey is epic Instagram

Though Adele has claimed that she is now exercising more -- thanks to an Instagram post where she joked that "used to cry but now I sweat," health experts have added that the singing superstar has likely changed her diet to be more healthy as well. "I don't believe she liked exercise much but she has changed her lifestyle and I believe that 90 per cent was dieting," explained Camila Goodis (via The Daily Mail).

This article was first published on January 11, 2020