Adele reveals why she keeps herself in 'Isolation' during 107-date world tour

Adele had to cancel her previous world tour due to her throat issues.

British singer Adele, who is in the London leg of her 107 date world tour, has been forced to keep herself in 'Isolation' due to her health and bad throat woes.

The 27-year-old has ditched alcohol and is keeping a check on her diet to avoid any damage to her vocal chords, unlike in 2011 where she had to cancel her tour due to vocal hemorrhage which required throat surgery.

In an interview with Mirror UK, the 'Hello' star revealed: "I've basically been in isolation because I don't want to get ill. I didn't want to take a chance with my voice."

"I've been taking Echinacea four times a day. I've been on the Beroccas", she added.

She also said she is following a strict diet regime to keep things going, but she does indulge in pasta before going on the stage as it gives her energy to perform.

Talking more about her acne and how she got 'gastric reflux' when she freed her booze ban, Adele added, " I've got acne. I know we all get spots but you lot ain't got your face on a big screen like that! Imagine trying to pop a spot with these nails – you'll do more damage."

"I had three glasses of white wine. I did pay for it. It's been a while and wine does give me acid reflux", the concert queen said.

Adele will be performing in London till 5th April, before heading to Sweden for her performance at Tele2 Arena, Stockholm.