Adele's 25 world tour kicks off in Belfast: Mesmerizes fans with her London girl attitude

Adele kicked off her 25 world tour in Belfast at the SSE Arena.

Adele is a true concert queen. Despite being her first tour in four years, she made a mark on everyone's heart with her mesmerizing voice and a typical London girl attitude.

The 27 year-old Brit singer kicked off her nine month long 25 world tour on 29 February at the SSE Arena in Belfast. The tour will visit a range of cities across Europe and North America, including London in March, Paris in June, New York, Los Angeles, and culmination ceremony in Mexico City in November. See the full list of dates and venues from Adele's tour.

Without a doubt, Adele's very first Belfast concert was a huge hit. The Tottenham born singer looked beautiful in a sequined black Burberry custom made gown, which she is likely to wear for most of her performances during the tour.

One thing which made the crowd go gaga for Adele, was her down to earth and the girl-next-door attitude. The singer entered the Arena stage with a cup of tea in her hand, and interacted for about good 15 minutes with the audience. The Hello hitmaker also talked about her son Angelo and how nervous she was when she got up for the big concert night.

She said: "I woke up sounding like Arnie. My voice was so deep because I slept with the air con on my hotel room. My kid was being a nightmare, and then there was a spillage at Gatwick and I thought my boyfriend wasn't gonna get here - I thought the whole tour was doomed."

"I've been s**ting myself - I had severe bowel movements. But I've had an Imodium," she added.

Adele charmed her fans by performing her biggest hits including Hello, Rolling in The Deep, Set Fire to The Rain and the Skyfall. She ensured that no one got bored, and kept the ecstasy and enthusiasm alive. Adele joked: "I know some of you have been dragged along but I'm going to win you over."

For her first performance in The Nothern Irish capital, Adele had got some great reviews from the critics. Alexis Petridis for the Guardian gave the singer's opening night four stars. She wrote: "Her voice sounds fantastic. For all her tendency to the kind of expressive hand gestures popular with X-Factor contestants, she never over-sings in that melismatic look-at-me style that passes for talent on such TV shows."

"She is hugely, earthily charming between songs – charming enough to get away with stuff that shades into end-of-the-pier entertainment, including singing Happy Birthday to one audience member and inviting another on stage to propose to their partner."