Addison Rae Fired from New UFC Reporter Gig After Bragging About it on Social Media

Addison Rae drew criticism on social media for stealing jobs from "qualified" sports journalists after she bragged about her new UFC job.

TikTok sensation and internet-celebrity-turned-actress Addison Rae lost her latest gig with UFC within 48 hours of getting the job.

On Friday, July 9, Rae took to Twitter to brag about her latest gig as UFC's on-air reporter."I studied broadcast journalism in college for 3 whole months to prepare for this moment," the TikTok star tweeted alongside photos of her holding a UFC-branded microphone on a red carpet.

Rae covered a preliminary event for Saturday's big UFC 264, where Dustin Poirier beat Conor McGregor. The 20-year-old studied journalism briefly at Louisiana State University before she dropped out to become a full-time influencer.

Proving once again that it's not what you know, but who you know, Rae's joking remark about needing only three months of school to land her job as a UFC correspondent has riled some on the Internet. Social media users were not happy with the fact that Rae got the job despite her lack of qualifications and criticized her for 'taking jobs' from other sports journalists.

"This is disrespectful to all the people who go to college and work their asses off for jobs like this and sometimes don't even get them but because Addison has clout she gets them over QUALIFIED sports journalists," wrote one user.

"Stealing jobs from those more deserving, very classy," commented another.

'Nvm Y'all Got Me Fired'

Addison Rae
Addison Rae Instagram

Less than two days after her new job announcement, Rae revealed that the social media backlash ended up getting her fired.

"Nvm [Nevermind] y'all got me fired," she tweeted.

She also retweeted a Barstool tweet with a picture of her next to the caption, "most hated UFC commentator ever."

Rae's announcement did nothing to quell the criticism with users pointing out that she was responsible for her own firing.

"Not to pile on, but you got you fired," opined one user. "The hard flex of '3 whole months' is what did it. Had you said something generic like 'dreams really do come true' you'd have gained a ton of good will. I'm sure you will land on your feet. Good luck."