Actress Koo Bon Im, 50, passes away after battling nasopharyngeal cancer

Koo Bon Im
Koo Bon Im Instagram grab

Actress Koo Bon Im has passed away at the age of 50 on Sunday while fighting nasopharynx cancer. She had been receiving treatment for over a year, but unfortunately lost the battle against the disease.

The reports stated that she passed away on Sunday at around 4:50 am KST. The funeral will take place on April 23 and the venue is Incheon Shillakwon Funeral Home.

Koo Bon Im was widely known for her many unforgettable performances in television dramas, movies and plays. She also received much appreciation for her acting in "Secrets, Objects," "A Werewolf Boy," "I Am the King" and "My Lovely Family." The Korean actress most recently worked in "Warm and Cozy" and "Bring It On, Ghost."

The family members of Koo Bon Im said that almost a year ago, the actress told them that she was sick but she thought it was rhinitis.

"It turns out she had nasopharyngeal cancer. She was treated for more than a year, but it didn't work out. After much suffering, she passed away," the family stated.