Yammie Lam
Yammie Lam YouTube grab

Former actress from Hong Kong, Yammie Lam, 55, was found dead at her apartment on Saturday, November 3 morning after a friend of hers noticed an odour coming out of the Stanley flat.

As per the local media reports, after Lam's friend, surnamed Lui, visited her apartment on Friday, November 2 and noticed the unusual odour, the police were called at around 12.28 am as no one answered the door when Lam's friend knocked the door several times.

After her appearance in TV series such as Looking Back in Anger and The Greed of Man that starred 71-year-old actor Adam Cheng Siu-chow and 54-year-old Sean Lau Ching-wan, the beauty queen of Hong Kong industry started her journey of the glamour world.

She joined the broadcasting company TVB in 1983 and soon after graduating from the actor training class, she did a number of movies as well as TVB serials. But in the late 1990s, her career started to move downwards from which she never managed to come back.

The actress, who was reportedly bankrupt and needed government financial assistance in recent years, was known as one of the hottest young TV actresses in the industry during the 1980s. But her career was downgraded the late 1990s. Even though the actress walked out from the limelight several years ago, she again received media attention after accusing many prominent personalities from the industry, including actor Eric Tsang, who allegedly raped Lam in past. However, the well-known actor denied all the allegations.

Several local media reported that she was completely broken after her parents died and her then-boyfriend committed suicide. She has also faced a serious car accident in 1998. Hong Kong tabloids reported that she also suffered from mental health issues and in 2006 she was declared bankrupt.

On Saturday, after the police found her decomposing body, the initial investigation revealed that no suspicious cause behind her death. The police are trying to contact Lam's family.

As per South China Morning Post, a source said, "The gate was closed while a wooden door was left unlocked."

A police insider stated that no drugs were found in the apartment adding that the late actress was last "seen by her neighbour on Wednesday. We also found her calls record on that day, which means she died within the past two days."