Actress Hwang Jung Eum Not to Divorce Husband Lee Young Don; Couple to Continue Marriage

'She Was Pretty' actress Hwang Jung Eum had filed for divorce from Lee Young Don in September 2020. The couple decided not to part ways during a divorce mediation.

At last a good news to fans of Korean dramas. Following a series of break up news, To All Guys Who Loved Me actress Hwang Jung Eum has made her fans heave a sigh of relief as the she has decided to continue her marriage with Lee Young Don. The couple decided not to part ways during a divorce mediation.

Hwang Jung Eum, popularly known for her performance in dramas Kill Me, Heal Me and She Was Pretty, had filed for divorce by mediation in September 2020 against her husband Lee Young Don, a former professional golfer and businessman. But the couple took part in a divorce mediation and decided to continue being married to each other.

Hwang Jung Eun
Mystic Pop Up Bar actress Hwang Jung Eun. Instagram

The news has been confirmed by the actress' agency, which released a statement in this regard on July 9. "During divorce mediation, Hwang Jung Eum [and her husband] came to understand the differences in each other's opinions. Through deep conversations, they decided to continue as a married couple," stated Hwang Jung Eun's agency C-Jes Entertainment.

Hwang Jung Eum married Lee Young Don in 2016. The couple welcomed a son in August 2017. But the actress had filed for divorce by mediation at the Seongnam branch of the Suwon District Court on September 2, last year. The agency had then stated that it will help the actress with the [divorce] process so that it goes smoothly.

Hwang Jung Eun had taken a break of two years after her marriage. After Lucky Romance that released in 2016, her next drama Undatables was released in 2018. The actress did not take up any projects for two more years. But she made a comeback with drama Mystic Pop-up Bar and then acted in Men Are Men in 2020.

Hwang Jung Eun Personal life

The news of filing for divorce had come in as a shocker to fans as the actress had posted pictures of her date with husband just three months before the news broke. After filing for divorce in September 2020, the actress did not update her social media handles for months together. But the actress made a comeback to social media in February 2021 by wishing her fans happy holidays.

Reports claim that Hwang Jung Eum's announcement of marriage also had shocked fans. The actress had acknowledged to dating Lee Young Don in December 2015. Her agency stated that the couple had been dating for four months. Surprisingly, actress got married to Lee Young Don just one month after acknowledging the relationship publicly.

Before becoming an actress, Hwang Jung Eum entered Korean entertainment industry as a member of the KPop girl group Suga. Whereas Lee Young-don, joined the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) in December 2006 and participated in 5 Sky72 Tour competitions in 2007 and 2 Challenge Tour competitions in 2012. He later became an entrepreneur.

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