Actor Kang Sung Wook's sentence reduced to 2.5 years in sexual assault case, family breaks down

Musical actor Kang Sung Wook was sentenced to 5 years jail term in sexual assault case in July 2019. Now after appeal, the court has commuted his sentence to 2.6 years jail term

The high court has reduced member of Heart Signal and actor Kang Sung Wook's jail term to 2.5 years in sexual assault case as family broke down and demanded his acquittal. The verdict was given by the Seoul High Court's Detective Division 10 on March 12. The 35-year-old Kang Sun Wook is serving his jail term since July 30, 2019.

On receiving the verdict, Sung Wook's family members broke down and shouted 'what more evidence does the court need and asked what the court was planning to do with the young boy (Sung Wook),' while they dropped and wailed on the floor. The relatives were then forcibly taken out of the courtroom.

Victim was diagnosed with acute stress disorder

Kang Sung Wook

However, the court has stated that it was hard to come to a decision if Sung Wook and his friend had done any bodily harm to the victim. But based on her statements, the victim was diagnosed with acute stress disorder because of the assault.

The incident dates back to 2017, when Sung Wook and his friend invited two women employed at a bar home and offered them additional service charge. After a while, one woman was allowed to go but the other was held by both the accused and allegedly assaulted her. It is said that the victim still receives treatment for trauma. Earlier, when Sung Wook was sentenced to five years imprisonment, it was reported that tvN planned to delete portions of Sung Wook from the drama "Because This Is My First Life." Even the VOD services for "Marry Me Now," in which he had acted in a minor role.

Victim was called 'gold-digger' by Sung Woon

Heart Signal of Channel A had stated that the filming of the show ended in April 2017 much before he was accused of sexual assault and before he was convicted. However, Channel A had stated that VOD services of Heart Signal –season one- featuring Kang Sung Wook were halted.

The court also had observed that the victim, who was called 'gold-digger' by Sung Woon, was consistent in her statements and had never tried to extort money from the actor. Kang Sung Wook's popular works include musicals 'Phantom of the Opera', 'The Sorrows of Young Werther', 'Newsies', and 'Goddess is Watching'. He also tried his hands on acting in shows and series 'Heart Signal', 'Marry Me Now'.