Accused Gilgo Beach Serial Killer's Gruesome "Planning Document" Unveiled by Officials

This revelation coincided with the filing of new charges against Heuermann involving murder of two more women

Suffolk County prosecutors disclosed chilling details regarding the accused Gilgo Beach serial killer. They revealed the existence of a disturbing "planning document" meticulously mapping out his alleged grisly slayings. This document, discovered in a computer file that attempted to delete, reportedly outlined the vicious murders of six sex workers spanning back to 1993.

According to authorities, the file contained sections labeled "Things to Remember" and "Lessons Learned," alongside detailed notes on the murders. Disturbingly, one notation suggested Heuermann planned to continue killing.

Rex Heuermann

This revelation coincided with the filing of new charges against Heuermann for the 1993 slaying and dismemberment of Sandra Costilla and Jessica Taylor in 2003. These charges supplement existing felony charges related to the deaths of women known as the "Gilgo Four."

Prosecutors further revealed that Heuermann had maintained a secret digital record on his computer titled "HK2002-2004" since at least 2000, documenting the murders in precise detail. The document included sections on logistics such as "Problems," "Supplies," and potential targets and dump sites.

Heuermann notes

Details within the document included sinister instructions such as "small is good" for potential victims and steps for preparation and disposal of bodies. Notably, it advised on removing identifying marks and even included reminders to "hit harder" for next time.

Heuermann's alleged document also contained insights into his methods, including preferences for committing crimes indoors and reminders on the importance of sleep for optimal performance.

Heuermann, a 60-year-old architect from Massapequa Park, stands accused of killing multiple sex workers over the past three decades. The unsolved murders of the victims had remained a mystery for years until Heuermann's arrest in July following the reopening of the investigations in 2022.

Heuermann notes

The latest revelations shed new light on the extent of Heuermann's alleged planning and the horrifying details of his crimes, including the previously unlinked case of Sandra Costilla, whose DNA did not match that of convicted serial killer John Bittrolff, as initially suspected.