Abby Choi: Hong Kong Socialite was Killed Because She Wanted to Sell $9 Million Mansion She Bought for Ex-Husband

Abby Choi
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The gruesome killing and dismemberment of 28-year-old Hong Kong model and socialite, Abby Choi, earlier this monthled to the arrest and criminal charges this weekend against Choi's former in-laws, and the arrest of her ex-husband.

The motive behind the murder may have been a property dispute, according to investigators.

Choi's Dismembered Remains Found in Refrigerator in Apartment

Choi was first reported missing on Feb. 22, a day after she and her former brother-in-law, Anthony Kwong, were supposed to pick up her 8-year-old daughter from school, but Choi never showed up.

Two days later, as police investigated her disappearance and attempted to confirm details given to them by Choi's in-laws, police discovered a pair of female legs believed to be Choi's stuffed in a refrigerator inside an apartment.

Abby Choi
Abby Choi Twitter

On Sunday, authorities confirmed they found a skull and several ribs they believe belong to Choi as well, inside a soup pot in the same refrigerator. Police said the remains appeared to have been cooked with "green radishes and carrots."

RTHK said forensics experts also "found a hole in the skull behind the right ear caused by a hard object, and this was believed to have been the probable cause of death."

Apartment Hired by Choi's Former Father-in-Law

The apartment had been rented by Choi's former father-in-law, Kwong Kau, just weeks before the murder, police said; they also allege the ex-husband's family gave police misleading information about Choi's whereabouts leading up to her disappearance.

Abby Choi
Abby Choi Twitter

The apartment also contained an electric saw, a hammer, face shields, black raincoats, two different chopping blades, two pots of soup with human tissue inside, and a meat grinder, which Hong Kong police superintendent Alan Chung said in a press conference was used on human flesh. The walls were covered with sail in a bid to protect the walls from blood splatter.

Officials believe Choi was attacked in a blood spattered seven-seater van that officials carted away from the apartment Sunday. Choi's hands and torso are yet to be found.

Property Dispute

Choi was an established fashion influencer and model. She often posted photos from fashion week festivities around the world. She also recently appeared on the cover of L'Officiel Monaco and was featured on Vogue China's website.

Her relationship with her former husband and in laws turned sour earlier this month when Choi decided to sell the (U.S.) $9,000,000 property she had bought for her ex-husband to live in, a police investigation found, according to the South China Morning Post. The luxurious mansion was located in the exclusive Kadoorie Hill area of Ho Man Tin.

Alex Kwong and Kwong Kau
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Although Choi promised to house her ex-husband elsewhere, the outlet reported, she faced significant backlash from her ex-father-in-law, whose name she had purchased the property under.

Police believe Kwong Kau, a former police officer, orchestrated Choi's alleged death. The investigation also found that Choi had not registered her new marriage to Chris Tam, which meant her assets would go to the children Choi shared with Kwong upon her death.

Alex Kwong Arrested as He Tried to Flee with Cash, Luxury Watches in Speedboat

Anthony Kwong and Jenny Li
Anthony Kwong and Jenny Li Twitter

Anthony, Kwong Kau and former mother-in-law Jenny Li were arrested on Friday, but Choi's ex-husband—Alex Kwong—wasn't apprehended until Saturday, Feb. 25, when he was caught trying to board a speedboat to flee Hong Kong with roughly $64,000 (U.S.) cash and another $510,000 in luxury watches.

Anthony Kwong, Kwong Kau and Alex Kwong were charged jointly with Choi's murder. Meanwhile, Jenny Li was charged with perversion of justice Sunday for allegedly destroying evidence that would have implicated her in Choi's murder.

Alex Kwong is also wanted for bail jumping in a 2015 fraud case, according to the South China Morning Post: The fraud reportedly pushed an investment scam to men on dating apps.

An unnamed 47-year old woman believed to be in a romantic relationship with Kwong Kau was arrested Sunday for allegedly helping him rent the apartment where human remains were found and for renting a separate apartment to hide Choi's ex-husband from the police—she has not yet been charged.