Aaron Gordon's Emoji Misplacement Exposes GF Izabela Guedes' Breast on Instagram [PHOTO]

The Orlando Magic forward shared the NSFW photo of his girlfriend with his 1.2 million followers on Instagram

Orlando Magic forward Aaron Gordon just exposed his girlfriend's breasts to the internet with his latest Instagram post. On Thursday, the NBA player accidentally posted a photo of his new girlfriend Izabela Guedes that left little to the imagination, thanks to his failed attempt to cover it up with an emoji.

Gordon and Guedes were enjoying an intimate, candle-lit dinner earlier this week when the Magic forward decided to snap a photo of his lady love, a model and swimsuit designer who has previously been linked with rapper Wiz Khalifa and has an arsenal of 800,000 Instagram followers.

Emoji Malfunction

Aaron Gordon and Izabela Guedes
Aaron Gordon and Izabela Guedes Instagram

The image shows a lingerie-clad Guedes holding a spoon in one hand on what appears to be the balcony of their apartment. While her face is covered with an object she's holding in front of her face, her right breast was completely exposed in the image. Unfortunately, Gordon tried to cover it up with a smiley emoji but completely missed the mark. Without realizing his mistake, the 25-year-old athlete shared the explicit photo as a story on his Instagram feed, giving his 1.2 million followers an unexpected surprise.

Izabela Guedes
The NSFW photo shared by Aaron Gordon on Instagram Twitter

When the blunder was pointed out to him, Gordon immediately deleted the NSFW post and replaced it with a new one, this time making sure Guedes' assets are covered with a larger emoji. However, the R-rated version is still floating around the internet.

Usher's NSFW Shower Selfie

This is not the first time a misplaced emoji has led to accidental nudity on social media. In 2016, Usher similarly exposed his part of his genitals on social media after sharing a shower selfie.

"Blowin' off steam," the 37-year-old captioned a black-and-white aerial photo of himself in the shower in all his naked glory. Although he tried to cover up his penis with an emoji, fans got more than they asked for when the emoji failed to conceal the tip of his manhood, which was left poking out.