8Eight's Baek Chan to Marry Girlfriend in Low-key Event This Month

Baek Chan has announced that he is stepping into a new phase of life. The member of 8Eight has opened up about tying the knot with his girlfriend in April.

Baek Chan
Baek Chan. Baek Chan Instagram

He has revealed that his fiancee is not a celebrity, but a worker in his office. They have been in love for the last six years and now they have decided to give a new meaning to their relationship. The couple will tie the knot in with a grand ceremony on 24 April.

Here's How Baek Chan Describes his Girlfriend
According to him, his girlfriend is a bright, energetic and smiling person and claims that she has brought a lot of positive changes in his life. "When I met her, I became a lot more fun and bright as well. My quality of life increased, and I've become happier. My habit of getting too serious is gone. On the other hand, I think my girlfriend has developed some sensitivity and delicacy." Allkpop quotes him as saying.

His girlfriend was unwilling to marry a person from the music industry, but he went after two months to make her fall in love with him. The couple will be having a simple get together for a meal on their wedding day.

Work Front
On the work front, the rapper said, "I said I would release a lot of albums in the future on 'King of Mask Singer' last year, but when I released my first album with difficulty, I felt empty. I think I can write songs and release albums when the music gets easier for me."

Baek Chan started off his journey with a solo mini-album What Really Love. He came to prominence with a member of co-ed group 8Eight which won the first season of the television series, MBC's Show Survival. The group was disbanded in 2014.