Here is How TWICE Momo's Boyfriend Heechul Overcame Break Ups with Ease

Kim Hee-chul, who is popularly known as Heechul, has a tip to those who are struggling to overcome a break-up. The multifaceted talent has not given a piece of advice to anyone but has revealed the truth that he never felt sad after parting ways with his girlfriends.

Kim Heechul and Momo
Super Junior member Kim Heechul is dating TWICE singer Momo Creative Commons/티비텐, 월아조운

On SBS' My Little Old Boy, Heechul has spoken about his affairs and how he never took the break-ups very seriously. The Super Junior's member has claimed that the separations did not hurt him and computers helped him to overcome the pain.

According to him, life will not end after a break-up. On the show, Ji Sang-ryeol chipped in to reveal the reason why he has the ability to overcome the pain with ease. "That's because Heechul has a high self-esteem. Because you keep really good relationships with other people in your life." he is quoted as saying by Koreaboo.

Heechul's Affairs in the Past
Heechul has been quite open about his relationships, but he never revealed the names of the person whom he had dated. Two years ago, in an interview, he had admitted to having dated many celebrities.

When asked to name how many people he was in relationships in the entertainment industry, he claimed that it was in one digit. On asking whether he had dated anybody from girls groups, he exclaimed, "Don't think I've only dated girl group members.I've actually dated a variety of different stars!"

Rumoured Girlfriends
He was reportedly seeing a model named Ivy a couple of years ago. He was also linked up with Taeyeon from Girls' Generation in 2013.

Heechul Dating Momo from JYP girl group TWICE
In January 2021, Heechul and Momo from JYP girl group TWICE confirmed that they were in a relationship. The rumours had started doing rounds in 2019, but the couple announced the news to the world only three months ago,

Heechul and his Japanese girlfriend were seen together in a couple of shows that include Weekly Idol and Knowing Bros. The duo developed romance as they started working together in shows.

This article was first published on April 7, 2021