60:000 People Fund Ukrainian Families by Booking Empty Airbnb Rentals; More Than Half are Americans

People from across the world are booking empty rentals in Ukraine amid the Russian invasion. The move aims to fund Ukraine at the time of war as Kyiv is struggling hard to deter Russian troops from destroying the country.

Bookings are in much faster frequency when compared to a spring break season. Airbnb rentals are being booked by people in the country's hardest-hit areas to send money to Ukrainians, facing massive threats from Russian troops.

Ukraine hotels bookings

Initiative to help Ukrainians

An initiative was launched by a popular Instagram account Quentin.Quarantino to help families in Ukraine by booking Airbnb rentals at the time of war.

The initiative became popular within a day as hundreds of people joined it, booking an Airbnb in the areas where Ukraine has been most affected due to the fighting with Russian troops.

The account which is run by a Brooklyn-based influencer Tommy Marcus, said in a post, "Yesterday I shared an idea to support Ukraine by booking rooms for rent on Airbnb."

The influencer last year had raised $7 million for supporting the evacuation of the Afghan refugees during the Taliban's takeover. The money was raised using the GoFundMe platform.

Russia-Ukraine War
Russia-Ukraine War Twitter

After the influencer launched the initiative, hundreds of people started booking AirBnbs in the war-ravaged country.

Airbnb Not Taking its Fees

With regard to the initiative, Airbnb has also come out in support as they have said that no fees will be applicable in those bookings.

Airbnb Communications Director Liz DeBold Fusco said that the company is so humbled by the inspiring generosity of their community at the time of war, reported New York Post.

The communications head also said that Airbnb is temporarily waived off guest and host fees on the bookings in Ukraine.

Massive Support to Initiative

So far, the company has seen a massive response to this initiative as over 3,57,000 have visited their Help Ukraine page since the launch of the initiative.

More than 61,000 nights booked in Ukraine in the past two days alone, according to Ukraine. Of all the bookings, nearly 34,000 were done by the American residents.

After booking rentals, people are also sharing the initiative to be aware others to help Ukraine at the time of war.