Russian Soldiers are Raping Ukrainian Women in Captured Cities, Ukraine's Foreign Minister Claims

'When Russian soldiers rape women in Ukrainian cities, it's difficult of course to speak about the efficiency of the international law,' Ukraine's Foreign Minister, Dmytro Kuleba said.

Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba claimed that the Russian soldiers raped Ukrainian women in cities they captured. Speaking during an online event hosted by the Chatham House think-tank, Kuleba noted that there have already been 'numerous cases' of rape within the Russian-occupied territories.

Kuleba, however, could not provide evidence to back his claims. The Ukrainian media reported that 11 cases of rape were reported in the captured city of Kherson. Kuleba called upon the media to 'spread the truth about Russia's crimes against Ukraine.' He noted that Ukraine is fighting against an enemy that is 'much stronger' than them.

Kuleba, dressed in a casual jumper and jacket, said he was 'sorry he may not look like a foreign minister.' He also added that it was difficult to talk about the international policies while the country was suffering.

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Russian soldiers and tanks seen in Kherson after taking control of the city Twitter

'Numerous Cases of Russian Soldiers Raping Women in Occupied Cities'

Kuleba expressed hope that the International Law being on their side will ultimately help them in the long run. He, however, noted that when the cities are being bombed, 'when soldiers rape women in the occupied cities, and we have numerous cases of, unfortunately, when Russian soldiers rape women in Ukrainian cities, it's difficult of course to speak about the efficiency of the international law.'

Calling the International Law the only 'tool of civilization' available to make sure that people responsible for this bloodshed 'will be brought to justice,' Kuleba noted that the Russian Federation, who 'committed an act of aggression, will also be held accountable for its deeds.'

Special Tribunal

Kuleba also supported calls for Russian President Vladimir Putin to face a special tribunal over the continued military action in Ukraine.

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British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, former judges, and several law experts called for the creation of a special tribunal to decide whether to prosecute alleged war crimes in Ukraine in the International Criminal Court. Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to launch attacks on Ukraine poses a 'grave challenge to the post-1945 international order,' a statement by the committee said.