5000-year-old Ayurvedic scripture talked about coronavirus, its nature and treatment, claims doctor

An Ayurvedic doctor claimed that infection very similar to coronavirus is mentioned in Charak Samhita

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Smita Naram, an Indian doctor who is the founder of Ayushakti Ayurvedic hospitals has claimed that 5,000-year-old ancient scriptures had detailed about an infection that acts in a very similar manner like coronavirus. Naram revealed that details about this infection are described in a chapter named 'Krimi' in 'Charak Samhita'.

Did Ayurveda talk about coronavirus?

Smita Naram claimed that there is mention of a term called 'Sleshma Krimi' in this chapter, and it details the nature of a pathogen that cannot be seen by naked eyes. In this Ayurvedic scripture, these pathogens have been named 'Maha Sukshnma', and the ancient text claim that special instruments are needed to see these disease spreading beings.

"I was surprised to find this description in the Charak Samhita. It was rather unbelievable. In the Charak Samhita, there is a specific chapter on 'krimi' which means infections. In the chapter, there is a description of Sleshma Krimi. It is just fascinating how they have described how Sleshma Krimi. It cannot be seen by the naked eye as they are 'Maha Sukshma'. This means they are so minute that one needs a special instrument to see it. This was said 5,000 years ago!" said Naram.

Charak Samhita also revealed that this pathogen will affect the respiratory system of patients, and the classic symptoms are cough, severe congestion, and breathlessness. The ancient scripture also made it clear that this infection could also result in the death of the patient, India Today reports.

How to prevent this infection?

In the scripture, ancient Ayurvedic experts have also detailed three ways by which this infection can be prevented. As per the scripture, isolating the patient is the best way by which the spread of this infection can be combated. The scripture also reveals that the patient should not be fed with foods that will make the disease-causing pathogen more active. Enhancing immunity is another effective method by which contracting the virus can be prevented.

"It has been proven in many scientific reports that ingredients like Pomegranate peel, Kalmegh, Tulsi, Shunti, and Dalchini among others, can enhance the immune power, kill all types of viral infections and prevent the viral attacks remarkably well. Although, it's a difficult task to make the efforts to improve the immune system, it's a worthy attempt. Another way to bring back long-lasting health naturally is to detoxify your body at regular intervals," added Naram.

In the meantime, coronavirus has killed more than 154,000 people worldwide and the total number of COVID-19 patients has risen to 2.2 million.

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