5 Standup Comedians to Follow on Instagram in Singapore

Making the Singapore environment more lively with their delightful humor

Laughter therapy is said to have a great impact on mood uplift and taking away the stress! What if we talk about a whole bunch of outstanding humans who make you laugh and make life a little happier with their talent of tickling your bones? These are the people who might pick you in the crowd and still make you smile by joking about you, or they just jolt your consciousness by picking up a tricky topic like racism or politics without even making it controversial. Let us talk about a few of the amazing stand-up comedians on Instagram who have made the Singapore crowd laugh thousands of time


Known by his screen name FakkahFuzz, Fadzri ABD Rashid is the uncrowned comedy king of Singapore. He has 60,400 followers on Instagram. He came into the limelight when his stand-up comedy show Almost-Banned was released worldwide on Netflix. He was also among the top 10 Funniest People in a competition held in Finland. His Instagram page is full of memes, funny videos, and hilarious interactions with other celebs. His shows are always jampacked with audiences.

Singapore- Fukkafuzz

Hossan Leon:

Hossan is an actor and Comedian with 19,300 followers on Instagram. His humor is observational and a bit of slapstick. He prefers staying away from political or controversial topics in his comedy shows. He prefers connecting with audiences by turning the mirror on them and making fun of what they said or what they do. He feels that this is the best way to keep them engaged and make them laugh throughout the show.

Hossan Leong

Kumarasan Chinnadurai:

Also known as Kumar, he is one of the most senior artists & performers in this field. Kumar is known for making his shows interesting by cross-dressing. He aces those looks like he was meant for them. He has been doing stand-up comedy, and making people laugh for the last two decades. He has 64,000 followers on Instagram, and getting the immense love of audiences for the last 2 decades.


Preeti Nair:

Going with the name Preetipls, This lady comedian is completely unabashed in picking up any and every topic that makes the audiences laugh out loud (LOL). Preeti is very vocal against racism, body shaming, and stereotyping. She also features other creators on her page to make it even more delightful. Preeti's hard-hitting humor has brought her 40,300 followers on Instagram, which is the most in the female comedians' segment.


Sharul Channa:

Who would not love a female who is not only beautiful but can add lots of laughter to your day? This brilliant mind neither depends on accents nor age-old stereotypes for jokes. Sharul has a way with words and can easily convert any scenario into a joke that will leave you on the floor. Most of her jokes and funny content come from daily life experiences, men's psyche, and the idea of life and death. Sharul has 20,200 followers on Instagram.

This article was first published on March 26, 2023