5 brand new Android apps you should not ignore this February

Here is the list of top five new Android apps which you can download from Play Store and try this month

There are reports on which apps you should not have in your android phones and which apps are malware-laced. But at the beginning of February, you should also know the details about some new and free android apps which you can download from the Play Store.

This list of Android apps includes-

Microsoft Edge:

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge microsoft.com

Microsoft recently introduced a full version of its chromium-based browser, called Microsoft Edge. The tech giant claimed that it will protect users from automatically downloading unwanted apps, such as malicious programs and adware. This browser now comes packed with a redesigned navigation menu at the bottom.

It should be noted that the Microsoft Edge blocker will be superior to the cloud-based anti-phishing and anti-malware SmartScreen and SafeBrowsing blockers. The users can access favourite tabs, history and downloads just by tapping on a single button.

Typewise Keyboard:


There are several malicious keyboard apps which are removed from the Play Store for their suspicious activities. But in case you are bored with your current android keyboard, you can check out Typewise, which comes with unique hexagon-shaped keys. But as per the makers of this keyboard, there's around 80 percent reduction in typos.

You won't get a traditional backspace key in Typewise, as you can gently slide left on the keyboard UI which will remove the texts automatically. Since the feature of this keyboard is unusual, it will take time to get used to with.


gesturePlus YouTube grab

The nifty app called gesturePlus includes a software button in the middle of the navigation gestures bar and it will let you customize this button with an action of your choice. While using this app you can call up Google Assistant or open the Navigation module of Google Maps.

This app also let the user program to button to launch an app of your choice, open system tools, modify sounds, or configure the voice assistant of your choice.

Audio Manager Lite:

Audio Manager Lite
Audio Manager Lite Play Store

If you regularly switch between different audio profiles on your android phone then you can try this new app, which has a series of tools that let you automatically adjust the volume level and has a series of routines that a user can program.

You can also have several routines running at the same time. In terms of other features, if you want to lower the overall system volume instantly, you just need to press one button. In the upgrade version, a user will be able to use location-based audio routines as well.

My Wall

If you love customizing the smartphone wallpapers, then this app is perfect for you. My Wall is a lightweight wallpaper manager app through which you can modify a wallpaper according to your needs. In case you want to change the brightness of the wallpaper, making it blurry background or apply filters, this app will help you to do that.

You can also pick the main colour pallets from the image. But there are some limitations. This app can allow you to customize the phone's current home screen image but you can't pick up a random image from the storage.