5 must-try Kodi add-ons in January 2018

5 must-try Kodi add-ons in January 2017

The year 2018 welcomes all Kodi users with the best Kodi add-ons. For January, we have compiled the most recommended add-ons based on content and updates. This list is a combination of both new and refreshed Kodi add-ons that you must try.

Neptune Rising

This recently-updated Kodi add-on is a new Exodus/Covenant fork from the Blamo Repository. Unlike Covenant and other forks, Neptune Rising is pulling in many more links. It has movies and TV shows styled in a similar layout to other forks. You can install Neptune Rising through the Blamo Repository.

Cerebro ShowBox

As a newcomer, there's not much to expect from Cerebro ShowBox. It has the same basic layout as that of Exodus/Covenant. However, this add-on offers more options and features, as well as a quick access to pair to many sites for those who want more links. Although, it is still good at pulling many links without pairing. You can install Cerebro ShowBox from the Cerebro TV Repository.

Maverick TV

For someone who has been eyeing for a one-stop Kodi add-on, Maverick TV is the perfect to start with. It is home to some great movies, TV shows, sports, live TV and more. With its one-click-to-play characteristic, finding the best content has never been this convenient. You can install Maverick TV from the Maverick repository.

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The name Covenant may never be new in the Kodi scene at all, but the new add-on has now sought refuge in a new repository called XvBMC. Covenant is based on the Exodus code and is a fork of once well-known Genesis and Exodus add-ons. You can install Covenant from the XvBMC Repository.


Another fork of Exodus/Covenant, Placenta boasts more options and links. This new Kodi add-on from Mr Blamo and Muad'Dib has recently been updated. You can install Placenta from the Blamo Repository.

Which Kodi add-on are you keen to try on this month?

This article was first published on January 6, 2018