Best Film nominees (clockwise from top left)
Best Film nominees (clockwise from top left) "Anarchist from Colony," "The King," "A Taxi Driver," "The Fortress" and "The Merciless" Korean Film Council

Nominees for the 38th Blue Dragon Film Awards have been announced, with 'Taxi Driver' figuring in 5 major categories.

Movies that were released between October 7 last year to October 3 this year qualified for consideration in 15 categories at the awards, which will be held on November 25 in Seoul.

"The Merciless," starring Seol Kyung Kyu and Siwan, got the most nominations with nine, followed by "The King" with eight and "A Taxi Driver" with seven.

Vying for this year's Best Film award are "The King." "The Fortress," "A Taxi Driver," "Anarchist from Colony" and "The Merciless."

Nominated for Best Director are Jang Hoon, "A Taxi Driver"; Hwang Dong Hyuk, "The Fortress"; Kim Hyun Suk, "I Can Speak"; Byun Sung Hyun, "The Merciless"; and Lee Joon Ik, "Anarchist from Colony."

Stars competing for the Best Actor trophy are Song Kang Ho of "A Taxi Driver," Kim Yoon Suk of "The Fortress," Seol Kyung Kyu of "The Merciless," Lee Byung Hun of "The Fortress" and Jo In Sung of "The King."

The Best Actress award will be chosen among Gong Hyo Jin of "Missing," Kim Ok Bin of "The Villainess," Na Moon Hee of "I Can Speak," Moon So Ri of "The Running Actress" and Yum Jung Ah of "The Mimic."

The nominees are:

Best Supporting Actor

Kim Dae Myung – "Bluebeard"

Kim Hee Won – "The Merciless"

Bae Sung Woo – "The King"

Yoo Hae Jin – "A Taxi Driver"

Jin Seon Kyu – "The Outlaws"

Best Supporting Actress

Kim So Jin – "The King"

Kim Hae Sook – "New Trial"

Yum Hye Ran – "I Can Speak"

Lee Jung Hyun – "The Battleship Island"

Jun Hye Jin – "The Merciless"

Best New Actor

Goo Kyo Hwan – "Jane"

Kim Joon Han – "Anarchist from Colony"

Nam Yeon Woo – "Lost to Shame"

Do Kyung Soo (EXO's D.O.) – "My Annoying Brother"

Ryu Jun Yeol – "A Taxi Driver"

Best New Actress

Lee Min Ji – "Jane"

Lee Sang Hee – "Our Love Story"

Lee Soo Kyung – "Yongsoon"

YoonA – "Confidential Assignment"

Choi Hee Seo – "Anarchist from Colony"

Best New Director

Kang Yoon Sung – "The Outlaws"

Moon So Ri – "The Running Actress"

Lee Joo Young – "A Single Rider"

Lee Hyun Joo – "Our Love Story"

Jo Hyun Hoon – "Jane"

Best Screenplay

Eom You Na – "A Taxi Driver"

Lee Joo Young – "A Single Rider"

Jo Hyun Hoon – "Jane"

Hwang Dong Hyuk – "The Fortress"

Hwang Seong Gu – "Anarchist from Colony"

Best Cinematography and Lighting

"The Battleship Island"

"The Fortress"

"The King"

"The Merciless"

"The Villainess"

Best Film Editing

"Criminal Conspiracy"

"Confidential Assignment"

"The King"

"The Outlaws"

"The Merciless"

Best Music

"The Fortress"

"The King"

"The Merciless"

"A Single Rider"

"A Taxi Driver"

Best Art Direction

"The Battleship Island"

"The Fortress"

"The King"

"The Merciless"

"A Taxi Driver"

Best Technical Achievement

"The Battleship Island" – Visual Effects

"Anarchist from Colony" – Costumes

"The Outlaws" – Stunts

"The Villainess" – Stunts

"The Mimic" – Sound Effects