3-Year-Old Brazilian Girl Dies After Scorpion Crawls into Her Bed and Stings Her Repeatedly

Maria Fernanda Brito da Silva
Maria Fernanda Brito da Silva Twitter

A 3-year-old girl in Brazil lost her life after she was stung by a scorpion while she slept. Maria Fernanda Brito da Silva suffered a cardiac arrest while being treated at a hospital in Campo Grande.

Despite receiving antivenom therapy, Maria tragically passed away in the intensive care unit on October 1st. The incident occurred on September 25th at her home in Ribas do Rio Pardo, Brazil.

Maria Started Vomiting After Being Stung, was Rushed to the Hospital

The city officials of Ribas do Rio Pardo expressed their deep sorrow and regret over Maria's untimely death. Her grieving mother, Vanessa Ramirez da Silva, recounted the horrifying moment when the scorpion attacked her daughter.

She vividly described how she saw the scorpion on Maria's back and quickly took action to remove it. Despite her efforts, Maria began vomiting, prompting Vanessa to call for help from a neighbor who rushed them to the hospital.

Maria's wake and burial were held on October 2nd, surrounded by heartbroken family and friends. Her grandmother, Cleide Cristina Ramirez, expressed the indescribable pain they are all feeling. She praised Vanessa as a strong and dedicated mother who would do anything for her children.

Nearly 3000 Scorpion Sting Cases Reported in the State This Year

This tragic incident sheds light on a larger issue in the region. According to health department data, there have been over 3,000 scorpion-related cases reported this year in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

In August, another child from Ribas do Rio Pardo lost their life due to a scorpion sting while wearing their shoe. The city has seen a total of 38 scorpion attacks this year, with 33 recorded in the previous year.