3 Americans Mysteriously Die at Sandals Resort in Bahamas; Police Investigation Underway

Three Americans were found dead at a Sandals resort on the Great Exuma island in the Bahamas on Friday, May 6. Two men and a woman died due to unknown causes, and the police are currently investigating the mysterious deaths, officials said.

The bodies were found in two different locations, and they were unresponsive, according to the investigation team. The couple was found in one villa and a man was in a second villa with no signs of trauma, the police said in a statement released on Saturday.

The officers found a Caucasian male slumped against a wall in a bathroom, unresponsive. The woman was also unresponsive. Both individuals showed signs of convulsion. The officers examined the bodies and found no signs of trauma, the Royal Bahamas Police Force said.

The preliminary report states the couple was not well the previous evening. The case remains under active investigation and the police are waiting for the autopsy report for determining the cause of death.

[Representational Image] Three Americans died at a resort in the Bahamas. Pixabay/Robins89

Fourth Victim Under Treatment

Meanwhile, an American woman was airlifted to a hospital in Nassau, Bahamian Acting Prime Minister Chester Cooper said on Friday, May 6. The victim is identified as Donnis Chiarella, 60, and she is in stable condition, Bahamas Minister of Health & Wellness Dr. Michael Darville told ABC News.

The public will be kept abreast of information as soon as it becomes available. We offer our thoughts and prayers to the families affected, Copper, who is also the nation's tourism minister said.

Company's Response

Three Americans died at the Sandals Emerald Bay resort on Great Exuma, the company spokesperson Stacy Royal confirmed to CNN. The firm did not mention the fourth person, who is currently under treatment.

A health emergency was initially reported and following our protocols we immediately alerted emergency medical professionals and relevant local authorities, the company spokesperson said.

The company is currently working to support the guests' families in every way possible and the investigation. But any information about the guests' cannot be disclosed out of respect for the guests, the person added.

The fourth victim was airlifted to a hospital in Florida. Pixabay/Robins89

The Victims

The man who was found dead in a villa is identified as Vincent Chiarella by his son, Austin Chiarella. The deceased, who was from Birmingham in Alabama, was staying in the Bahamas resort with his wife, Donnis Chiarella, for their anniversary, Austin told ABC.

Donnis is being airlifted to a health facility in Kendall Regional, Florida, he said. Austin said he received a call from the US Embassy on Friday night. He spoke to his mother on Saturday morning, who informed him that his father was found dead in the villa.

She woke up and my dad was laying there on the floor, and she couldn't move. Her legs and arms were swollen and she couldn't move and she screamed to get someone to come in the door, he said.

This article was first published on May 8, 2022