South Korean actor/singer Taecyeon revealed his thoughts on the intimate scenes with his co-star South Korean actress Kim So Hyun on tvN's drama Hey Ghost, Let's fight. The 27-year-old rapper of the South Korean boy band 2PM had to film kissing scenes with the 17-year-old model.

So Hyun plays Kim Hyun Ji, who is a ghost. While Taecyeon portrays the character of an exorcist, Park Bong Pal.

During a press conference, Taecyeon confessed that he had to control his emotions while shooting for the series. He said: "Kim So Hyun is 11 years younger than me. I'm trying to not feel anything."

He jokingly added: "I got in a lot of trouble from people around me. There was a kiss scene right at the beginning. I think our acting was natural. Since we passed a huge obstacle in the beginning, everything else seems minor in comparison."

Meanwhile, So Hyun had revealed she started believing in spirits after she started acting in the show. She said: "I didn't believe in ghosts but once I started filming for the drama, I think I came to believe in them. For the first time ever, I felt a ghost's presence while shooting this drama."

She added: "I'm a ghost [in the drama] but I don't really seem like a ghost so I didn't prepare any special 'ghost-like acting.' I'm a ghost who can talk aloud during class so I tried to express the freedom I have. I'm acting more like a special girl who can teleport rather than acting like a ghost."