Actress Kim So Hyun's encounter with ghost on sets of Hey Ghost, Let's fight

Kim So Hyun began her acting career as a child actress in 2006.

Kim So Hyun did not believe in ghost until she started filming for the tvN's mystery-comedy drama Hey Ghost, Let's fight. The South Korean actress, who portrays the character of a ghost, revealed that she even experienced a paranormal activity on the sets.

"I didn't believe in ghosts but once I started filming for the drama, I think I came to believe in them. For the first time ever, I felt a ghost's presence while shooting this drama," the 17 -year-old actress disclosed during a recent press conference of the 16 episode series. In the drama, So Hyun plays the character of a 19 year old middle school girl who gets killed in a car accident and returns as a ghost.

Furthermore, talking about her character and how she prepared for the role, So Hyun asserted that her character does not really act like a ghost, and did not need any special training. She said: "I'm a ghost [in the drama] but I don't really seem like a ghost so I didn't prepare any special 'ghost-like acting.' I'm a ghost who can talk aloud during class so I tried to express the freedom I have. I'm acting more like a special girl who can teleport rather than acting like a ghost."

So Hyun, who began her career as a child actress in 2006, also expressed her happiness over choosing the drama. She said that the drama, Hey Ghost, Let's fight, is different and allows her to portray a 'cheery' character: "I've always had the thought that I wanted to take on cheery roles, and in my earlier work, I did portray a role with a cheery character but later, [that character's] pain and bad situations were magnified."

" This time, despite being a ghost, my character is bright and uninhibited so I'm having fun acting her out," So Hyun told Allkpop.