24K will appear in YG Entertainment audition programme 'MIXNINE'

24K's Mexico concert is put on hold due to the Mexico earthquake.

24K boy band
South Korean boy group 24K. twitter.com/24K__OFFICIAL

On May 27, boy group 24K made their comeback with the release of their new mini-album 'Addiction.' Now it has been revealed that the K-pop group is all set to join YG Entertainment's audition programme 'MIXNINE.'

As noted by website Soompi, the group's label Choeun Entertainment, released a notice on 24K's official fan cafe. "We know that some may be confused and caught off guard by the decision to appear on an audition program as 24K has quite a large fanbase internationally and have held countless overseas performances. However, the staff and members of 24K went through lengthy discussions and have made the final decision to take on this new challenge to upgrade 24K as a group and grow their fanbase," the notice read.

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24K has overseas concerts planned and obviously fans of the boy band would be anxious as to how the audition programme would affect it. However, 24P's label assured the fans that the international concerts would go as planned and said, "The staff of 'MIXNINE' has promised to do their best to work around 24K's already-scheduled overseas concerts. Therefore, 24K will be holding their U.S. concerts (New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago) and their Japanese concert (Shinjuku) as planned."

All the international performances are on schedule except for the Mexico concert. It has been put on hold for the time being because of the recent magnitude 7.1 earthquake in central Mexico that has reportedly left at least 360 people dead. Fans will be notified once a final decision has been made about that concert.

The label concluded its notice by stating, "'MIXNINE' will air for approximately four months from late October, and the final nine girls and boys will be chosen through a voting system. We hope that you will continue to support 24K as they will need your support and votes during the show. Thank you to all the 24Us [official 24K fan club name] around the world."

Recently, 24K fans around the world took to the social media to celebrate the group completing five years together. The seven-member boy band had debuted on September 7, 2012, with "Hurry Up."

This article was first published on October 2, 2017
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