245 thrill-seeking people jump off a bridge; check out what happened next [VIDEO]

Aiming a world record, 245 thrill seeking Brazilian people jumped off a bridge and the video will give you goosebumps.

Record Jump
YouTube Screenshot

Its all about adrenaline, as 245 thrill seeking Brazilian people jumped off a bridge together aiming a world record. The video of the jump is now going viral on YouTube, and watching it will raise your heartbeat drastically for sure.

The group of 245 people comprised of men and women, and they conducted this world record attempt in Hortolandia, Sao Paulo. Attached to their harnesses, the group jumped from a 30-meter high bridge and swayed like a pendulum which helped them break the previous record of joint bungee jump featuring 149 people. The jump created an illusion like a wave, as people swung on ropes beautifully before coming to a halt.

The record is yet to be recognised by the Guinness. The group claims that they have unofficially broken the record, and they are planning to do the same in front of Guinness officials in the coming months. The previous record jump was made on April 2016 at the same place when 149 people jumped off the bridge with a rope tied to them.

According to reports, more than 20 kilometers of rope and 1000 harnesses were used to perform this highly shocking adventure. Organizers also thanked every jumper who took part in the event for their cooperation, and bravery which helped them break a world record.