2 Singaporeans charged in Australia for dealing with criminal proceeds
Australian dollar denominations shown in a photo illustration at a currency exchange in Sydney, Australia Reuters

Two Singaporean men who were found carrying A$520,450 (S$551,367) at Adelaide Airport have been charged for dealing with criminal proceeds in Australia.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) said in a media release that one of those men was identified in the airport's check-in area on Sunday. When a police cash and drug detector dog approached him, the police searched the man's luggage and found to be carrying A$250,000 (S$264,828)

Later, the police subsequently identified the second man and searched his bag as well. He was also carrying A$270,450 (S$286,455). The police have arrested both the men. AFP said both of them appeared before the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Monday.

According to Gavin Stone, Adelaide Airport Police Commander, this is the largest cash seizure that has been detected by one of its cash and drug detector dogs at Adelaide Airport. Utana, the dog was instrumental in this seizure.

"Travellers are reminded that when carrying more than $10,000 in Australian currency or equivalent, it must be declared before departing Australia," AFP told Channel NewsAsia.