Singapore: Man jailed for slashing friend's face over alleged affair with wife

The incident happened on 16 July following which the accused surrendered himself on 21 July

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A Singaporean court has given a 12-month jail sentence to a 43-year-old man after he was found guilty of slashing his former colleague's face and shoulder, whom he suspected his wife had an affair with.

The accused, identified as Salam Mohammed, who was a former dishwasher, attacked the 56-year-old victim, Rosle Sarpani, in the open space car park of Block 33 Harbour Drive, Pasir Panjang Terminal. The incident happened on 16 July following which Salam surrendered himself on 21 July.

It was reported that the miscreant knew the victim for eight years and he was also a friend of the former's wife. However, after their divorce case started, Salam used to suspect his wife was having an affair with Rosle.

Salam's jealousy went out of hands when he learnt on 15 July that his wife wanted her name to be removed from the unit they were living in. This decision came as a shock to Salam as he was not expecting his wife to take such a bold step. He also suspected Rosle to be behind her call.

According to The Straits Times, during the hearing it was also revealed that Rosle owed Salam money and it was bothering the latter.

The news website also reported that the very next day Salam went to Rosle's work place and waited for him with a penknife at the car park. When the victim, unaware of the fact that Salam was contemplating an attack on him, came down with his colleague, he was attacked from behind. Salam first punched his face and then slashed it with the penknife.

The eyewitness who was present there told the court that he pushed away Salam but he attacked Rosle again when he denied he owed money and disturbing his wife.

The court also heard that Salam was not traceable by police and it was after 5 days when he himself came and surrendered admitting to the crime.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Tan Yanying asked the court to impose a jail sentence of 12-18 months on Salam for grievously hurting Rosle, which could have got him a jail statement of 22 years along with fine and caning.

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