18-year-old NUS student dies after falling from height

The police are investigating the case as unnatural death.

Sheares Hall
Facebook/Sheares Hall

A 18-year-old National University of Singapore (NUS) student died on Saturday after she was found unconscious near Block C of Sheares Hall, one of the school's six residential hostels. The South Korean student was sent to the National University Hospital, where she died of her injuries.

Channel NewsAsia reported that that the victim climbed out of a top-floor window near her room after locking herself out. "She was immediately sent to the hospital, but subsequently passed away," an NUS spokesperson told Channel NewsAsia.

The police said that they were informed about the incident described as "a case of fall from height" at about 11.30 am.

"We are deeply saddened by the incident, and our thoughts are with the family and friends of the student," NUS told Channel NewsAsia. "NUS staff and counsellors are in touch with the student's family and friends to provide support and assistance."

The university has reminded Sheares Hall residents to seek assistance from the school's staff if they are locked out of their rooms.

The police are investigating the case as unnatural death.