17-year-old accused of killing mother, younger brother arrested in North Carolina

Levi Norwood's father told deputies he came home to find his wife and youngest son killed on Friday in Midland, Virginia

Authorities arrested a teenager suspected of killing his mother and six-year-old brother in North Carolina after he was found shoplifting, police said. Levi Norwood, 17, was found after an employee called authorities for shoplifting from a store on Saturday. The Fauquier County Sheriff's Office said a stolen car believed to be used by Norwood was also recovered.

Investigators said Norwood killed his mother, brother, and injuring his father in Midland, Virginia, on Friday. His father told deputies he came home to find his wife and youngest son dead and Levi holding a gun. He said while Levi shot him, he managed to escape and call for help, reported NBC news.

Officials were on a manhunt on Saturday, leading to the cancellation of community events. Investigators are yet to discern why the teenager went on a shooting spree.

9-year-old boy charged of attempted murder of sister

US shooting
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The news came days after a nine-year-old boy was charged with the attempted murder of his sister with a kitchen knife inside their apartment in Florida. The boy who appeared in court on Wednesday in Ocala, Florida, was charged with attempted first-degree murder of his five-year-old sister on January 28.

Butcher's knife
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The mother of the children told police she left the apartment to get the mail and some candies for them from the neighbour at around 4.30 pm on January 28. When she returned, she found the boy repeatedly stabbing his sister with a kitchen knife in a bedroom.

'Die, die!'

Initial reports of the incident stated the boy was repeatedly saying "die, die" while stabbing his younger sister. When asked why he wanted her dead, he said he "wanted to be able to go outside," reported WFOL.

The boy told the Ocala police he wanted to kill her "the thought had entered his head two days earlier," and had tried to get the thoughts out of his head, but he could not. The girl was released from the University of Florida Health Shands Hospital, Gainesville, last week.

The public defender's office represents the boy. Results of the competency examination are currently awaited to determine whether the boy understands the charges according to reports by the Ocala Star-Banner.