15-Month-Old Boy Mauled to Death by Pitbulls in Italy After Dogs Rip Toddler from Mother's Arms

Pitbull (For representational purposes only). Twitter

A15-month-old boy died after he was attacked by two pit bulls in the Italian town of Eboli earlier this week.

The incident happened near Salerno, in the country's south. According to initial findings, the dogs ripped the child from his mother's arms, as reported by local news outlet L'Unione Sarda. The mother tried to save her child from the clutches of the animals, but also suffered serious injuries.

According to outlet, the attack took place in the courtyard of a two-storey house. The pitbulls ran out of the house and immediately attacked the child.

The pit bulls are said to belong to a friend of the child's mother. The mother had rented the home from the owner of the pit bulls. The dogs have always been there and have never shown aggressive behavior before, according to the neighbors.

"It was a ferocious attack and even though an uncle of the child intervened to try to free him, nothing could be done," said Eboli mayor Mario Conte. "It all happened suddenly, in a few moments and no one can explain how it could have happened because these dogs have always been there."

"It is a tragedy that has shocked the entire community," he added. "And it should be a warning to those who have these dogs, who are unfortunately special, with special needs. Those who have these dogs must be very careful. We have lost a small child here, something that affects everyone."

A similar incident also occurred in Italy a few months ago. During a run near Rome, a jogger was attacked and killed by three Rottweilers. It was passers-by who found his badly mutilated body.