13-inch Macbook Pro models are shutting down unexpectedly: Here's the solution

2019 13-inch MacBook Pro users are complaining that their devices are shutting down even when there's plenty of charge left in the battery

The 2019 13-inch MacBook Pro that Apple released in July is reportedly giving users a headache with unexpected shutdowns. Several users have flocked to Reddit and Apple's support forums to complain about the issue in an attempt to find a solution.

Users Complain of Unexpected Shutdowns

2019 13-inch MacBook Pro
2019 13-inch MacBook Pro Apple

The 2019 entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro model with two Thunderbolt 3 ports is shutting down without warning even when there's plenty of juice left in the battery. .

"I bought my MacBook Pro 2019 two days ago, and it shuts down unexpectedly while I use it. It also won't turn on unless I plug it in, and when I do that, the battery is 0%, even if it was 80% just minutes ago," wrote one user.

"I recently got a MacBook pro that has been shutting down at around 40% and I was unable to turn it back on without plugging the power cord in," noted another. "I brought it in and they were able to exchange it since the 14 days hadn't been over but I'm experiencing the same issue on the new one.

One of them pointed out that the unexpected shutdowns could be an issue with the device's battery calibration, which causes the system to generate inaccurate readings of the actual battery level.

Troubleshooting Steps

Apple has acknowledged the issue and listed out some troubleshooting steps for users who experience shutdowns even though the battery shows a remaining charge. These are as follows:

  1. If your MacBook Pro's battery is less than 90 percent charged, continue to step 2. If your battery is more than 90 percent charged, use your computer until the percentage drops below 90 percent, then continue to step 2.
  2. Connect your Mac to its power adapter.
  3. Quit all open applications
  4. Close your computer's lid, which puts your Mac in to sleep mode.
  5. Let your Mac charge for at least 8 hours
  6. After 8 hours, update to the latest version of macOS.

If the problem still persists after updating to the latest version of macOS, get in touch with Apple.