12 Thai Citizens killed, 11 Abducted by Hamas in War-Hit Israel

This conflict has affected citizens from more than 50 countries who were engaged in several occupations in Israel

As Palestinian Hamas militants initiated a large-scale assault on Israel from Gaza, it unfolded a tragic event when 12 Thai workers were killed and 11 abducted.

Thailand's foreign affairs ministry has reported that eight Thai nationals have sustained injuries during this violent episode since Saturday. In its response, the Thai government has vouched to ensure the safety of its citizens, including keeping air force planes on standby to facilitate their return home.

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Approximately 30,000 Thais are currently employed in the agricultural sector in Israel, with many of them residing near the Gaza border, where the recent hostilities have been most intense. Nepal has also been affected by this violence, with ten of its agriculture students losing their lives in the conflict.

Other countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany, have reported instances of their citizens being killed, abducted, or missing in the ongoing turmoil within Israel.

Thailand's labor minister, Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, informed AFP news agency that approximately 5,000 Thai laborers were working in the conflict zone. Fortunately, Israeli authorities have initiated measures to relocate these workers to safer locations. Additionally, over a thousand workers have registered to return home amidst the escalating violence.

Some Thai workers shared their harrowing experiences, with one recounting how Hamas militants attacked their farm after rockets were fired in the early hours of Saturday. Israeli soldiers later rescued him, while a fellow Thai worker suffered a gunshot wound during the ordeal.

Wanida Maarsa, whose husband Anucha Angkaew was among those abducted by the militants, confirmed his captivity through a video released by Hamas. She expressed her concern over her inability to contact him since 02:00 Bangkok time on Friday.

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Scores of buildings have been razed to the ground after Israel retaliated with airstrikes on Monday X

This conflict has affected citizens from more than 50 countries working in Israel. Nepal confirmed that the ten students who lost their lives had traveled to Israel to gain agricultural skills while working on farms. One of the victims, 27-year-old Rajesh Kumar Swarnakar, aspired to study in Australia after completing his program in Israel.

The tragic incident has left his family devastated and his brother Mukesh expressed regret over sending Rajesh to a conflict-prone area. Meanwhile, his father, Raj Kumar Swarnakar, criticized Israeli authorities for their decision to send his son for training in such a perilous environment.

Nepal has additional citizens working in Israel, including 265 students and 4,500 caregivers. Israeli police have also informed the Nepali embassy of another missing citizen and four others who sustained injuries, one of them being critical.