11 killed in Indonesia after truck smashed into motorcycles and houses

Indonesia accident
Indonesia accident (Representational picture) Reuters

A truck in Indonesia that was carrying sugar crashed into several motorcycles and houses on Sunday, May 20. As per an official, the incident caused the death of 11 people.

The incident took place when the truck heading downhill in the district of Brebes in Central Java province and moving towards the capital Jakarta. The local disaster agency stated that the accident occurred after the truck failed to break and crashed into other vehicles and houses.

Even though the vehicle tried to change the direction by moving left, it could not stop the collision and hit a car, 13 motorbikes and seven houses. As of now, 11 people died after the crash and left 11 injured residents.

In addition to that, Sarwa Permana, the agency official mentioned that all the victims were taken to hospital for further treatment. But, the truck driver, who also became injured after the accident, is still in critical condition.

In 2017, when a research entitled with "Public transportation development and traffic accident prevention in Indonesia" was published in Science Direct, it showed that the country, which has almost 230 million people, the economic growth has given a hike to the increased transportation and vehicle demands in the country.

As per the data, due to accidents at Indonesia road, the number of injured people have increased since 2011, compared to previous years, including the number of road accidents.

In February 2018, almost 27 people and 16 Indonesian were injured after a bus crashed into West Java province while carrying domestic tourists. Even in 2017, when a bus was travelling from tourist destination Bali to the town of Malang in East Java, it hit the back side of a fertiliser truck. This accident caused the death of 10 people, including an Australian tourist and a minor.