Singapore: 2 cars collided at Changi Airport terminal 2, causes huge traffic jam

Singapore accident
Singapore car accident at Changi Airport Terminal 2 Facebook/ Ivy Long

Singapore police arrested a 35-year-old driver after two cars collided at Changi Airport on Saturday on May 19.

Reports stated that police said they were alerted to the accident at around 10 am on Saturday that involved two cars at Airport Boulevard.

A police spokesman later said that when they reached the location, they found a 33-year-old female injured driver, who was taken to Changi General Hospital, located at 2 Simei Street 3, which is almost 11 to 12 minutes away from the accident spot. The other driver, 35, was taken into custody for committing traffic-related offences.

The images of the accident were posted on Facebook by the group called, Singapore Taxi Driver. The pictures showed the aftermath of the accident that included a silver damaged car with Singapore registration number SKT8797X. The car crashed into a convex traffic mirror, which was situated on a road divider at Terminal 2.

The Facebook user, Ivy Long‎ posted the images in the group at around 1.24 pm, Saturday with a caption, "This morning about 1100hrs at Changi Airport T2!" One of those pictures also showed that a huge traffic jam on the Terminal 2.

 Changi Airport traffic jam
Changi Airport terminal 2 traffic jam Facebook/ Ivy Long

Police investigation is going on.

This is the third car accident that took place in Singapore. Earlier, on May 18, a Honda and an Audi collided at a junction of Holland Road and Holland Avenue. The photos showed the front of the red Honda was badly damaged. But, it did not cause any injury to the drivers of both cars.

On May 8, another accident took place in Yishun Street 51. Police arrested a driver for alleged drink-driving after crashing his car into a road divider.

This article was first published on May 20, 2018