1 Killed, 5 Injured in Bronx Subway Shootout; Brawl Between Teenagers on Train Led to Shooting

A man was killed, and five others were injured following a shootout at a Bronx train station on Monday afternoon. The shooting took place following a brawl on the northbound 4 train at around 4:40 p.m. on Monday.

Bronx Subway shooting
The shooting took place following a brawl on the northbound 4 train at around 4:40 p.m. on Monday. X

What Caused the Brawl?

According to reports from agencies cited by the New York Post, the precise reason behind the shooting remains unclear. However, it appears to have originated from a confrontation that started aboard a train and subsequently escalated onto the platform. The incident unfolded amidst a clash involving two separate groups of teenagers who were riding the subway train.

Witnesses and sources described a chaotic scene at the Mount Eden Avenue station as approximately 10 gunshots were fired following the confrontation. The incident sparked widespread panic and confusion among bystanders, creating a state of "total pandemonium," reported the outlet.

The identity of the 35-year-old man killed in the shooting was not disclosed pending family notification. The injured include, a 14-year-old girl, a 15-year-old boy, a 29-year-old woman and two men – ages 71 and 28.

Police sources told the outlet that there may have been two shooters involved in the incident.

Teenagers Involved in Shooting?

Speaking to the outlet, 34-year-old Luis Rodriguez, one of the commuters, said he heard two kids "screaming," but didn't know more because he ran from the commotion after getting off the train. "It was total pandemonium. It makes you scared to ride the train."

One of the eyewitnesses who saw the three teenage boys on the track after hearing the gunshots told the outlet," she said. The woman who also called emergency helpline 911 from her apartment said that she also saw a group of people getting off the train and pointing fingers at the group and yelled at them to get off the tracks.

An eyewitness, who observed three teenage boys on the tracks following the sound of gunshots, recounted to the outlet, "Two of the kids were arguing and one of them took off. The other two just stood there. One of the guys was pacing back and forth and the other guy just sat down."

The witness, who also contacted the emergency hotline 911 from her residence, further noted witnessing a group of individuals exiting the train. They pointed accusatory fingers at the group and shouted for them to vacate the tracks. "I was so scared, like, what are these kids doing? They had book bags on. I'm assuming they were kids," she told the outlet.